Cloud is all around us and with the technology world talking cloud-cloud-cloud, where does the conversation go when we start talking colocation?

It’s a common misconception that colocation is a ‘thing of the past’. As per Gartner’s article ‘The Data Centre is Dead’. In fact, this is far from the case. There are many organisations out there who are not yet making the BIG move to the cloud.

There are customers who still require colocation. Here’s some of the reasons we’ve discovered…

– Some customers have legacy applications which can’t be virtualised or are unduly complicated. As such, the cloud isn’t an appropriate solution for them.

– After having spent thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands of pounds on their own existing infrastructure, these customers are unlikely to want to move to the cloud for a while.

– With many customers having unique hardware requirements and the need to control their own infrastructure, they too will not suit a move to the cloud.

– Security and compliance – whilst our public cloud services are highly secure and our private cloud provides the reassurance of dedicated infrastructure, there are some situations where the physical access of equipment must remain under the complete control of the customer.

For those who are faced with these barriers, we know we’re able to provide them with a bespoke colocation solution to perfectly fit their requirements.


From Reading to London and Slough – we’ve got a wealth of colocation availability in the UK.

A snippet of our data centre benefits:
– Flexibility: There’s flexibility to scale-up and scale-down when required.
– Resilience: We provide A+B power and network connectivity plus backup generators and battery power.
– Security: From iris scanners to HD CCTV – we’ve got the very best in on-site security.

Our colocation options extend to the most desired network ecosystems within Equinix and Telehouse. We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers fractional racks in these locations at the most cost-effective price points.


There are some instances where customers are able to partly virtualise their infrastructure. This is great news because these customers can make the most of what a hybrid-cloud solution can offer.

The benefits? Hybrid cloud gives customers flexibility to benefit from the cloud whilst still implementing a colocation solution where required. Hybrid cloud gives the customer an opportunity to move elements of their infrastructure to the cloud in stages, when it suits them.

You can find out more about colocation and hybrid cloud with Amito by contacting us today. Alternatively, browse our website for more information.