Aren’t we lucky to have had such lovely weather this summer? This season has seen temperatures that have exceeded a delightful 25 degrees! Wow – what a scorcher. While we were all baking in the heat and enjoying those delicious ice-creams, what was happening with our data centres?

We’re protected. Our data centre in Reading wears its ‘Tier 3 protection’.

You may assume the soaring temperatures were of detriment to the safety and efficiency of our data centre. For some, this could be the case. For Amito – this is far from reality.
Our intelligent data centre in Reading is designed to cope with sizzling temperatures like the ones we’ve experienced this summer!

Just how hot can it get for a data centre?

Well-constructed data centres are tailored to suit their environment. As such, our Reading data centre is designed and constructed to accommodate surrounding temperatures of up to 35 degrees! With that thought in mind – let’s take a look at what it would take before our data centre starts to feel the heat.

It would take a combination of:

> All of the racks to be at maximum capacity, completely full of equipment
> The temperature outside to be over 35 degrees
> Failure of 25% of our cooling system

Then, just then – we may have a problem.

With all of the backup and security we have here at Amito, system failure is almost impossible.

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