New router enhances Amito network capabilities in Equinix LD5

Amito engineers have been busy in the Equinix LD5 Slough data centre recently, heaving in a hefty 5U Cisco router. This new router offers a significant capacity upgrade and even lower latency to upstream IP connections.


The Amito IP network in Equinix Slough is a distinct network from that in our Docklands and central London data centres. We’ve carefully selected upstream partners who host both a number of key trading platforms and crucially, who have routing locally in the Slough campus (as opposed to back-hauling it to a data centre the other side of London). This will ensure the lowest possible latency to these key IP addresses.

Our LINX connection is also carrying a decent portion of our traffic and LINX now includes a growing number of brokers in the LD4/5 ecosystem including; PrimeXM, IG Index, Saxo Bank, Alpari, Currenex and Beeks Financial.

Routing traffic through LINX in Slough ensures the least possible number of hops, perfect for our latency-sensitive network customers.


Whilst using an Internet connection will never offer the ultra-low latency guaranteed by direct cross-connects it can certainly offer good value and “reasonably low latency” (what is “reasonable” of course being in the eye of the beholder)!

If you’d like to test our latency please contact us including the target IP and we’d be delighted to provide a trace route.

Cross-connects in the Equinix Slough campus can of course be run between any of the Equinix buildings, LD4, LD5 and LD6 at standard Equinix rates and Amito has a growing cross-connect count in the Equinix campus.


In the meantime Amito’s colocation footprint in LD5 continues to grow, with an additional cabinet installed earlier this year. Already, the two quarter racks are now sold and the bottom half is being used for “per U colocation solutions”. We offer customers colocation one U at a time on a fully managed basis. Our next footprint will not be far away.

Amito dedicated quarter racks which offer 11U in a secure, lockable unit are proving popular in LD5. Some of our existing customers in Telehouse North are using LD5 as a redundant location and a growing number of ISP customers see the Equinix Slough campus as a diverse network hub to London Docklands.

A number of these multi-site colocation customers are also taking Amito 10Gbs wavelengths or our low cost 1Gbs pseudowires to connect back to their Dockland’s points of presence.

Equinix LD5 is located at 8 Buckingham Avenue, Slough, SL1 4AX.